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Dr DoLittle Film.jpg
Dr DoLittle Film.jpg

Doctor Dolittle  (1967)       Director Richard Fleischer 

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Ruth Medhurst (2).jpg

Frog                  Ruth Medhurst  CHAS            Acrylics


                        This colourful frog was painted for a friend,

                        following a course at Hinckley 10-2 Gallery

Lisa Edwards (2).jpeg

Spring Hare       Lisa Edwards  CHAS        Watercolour & Gouache

The hare is one of the first paintings I did after I attended an art class and was introduced to watercolour. It is painted from a reference photograph. I masked the hare off and used brusho for the background... I then painted the hare in watercolour and gouache. 

Jack McConnochie Pippy Pastels.jpeg

Pippy        Jack McConnochie  CHAS       Pastel


Painted to celebrate the arrival of my grandchildren’s playful puppy






Carol Sakai              



My cat, Sachi.



Nigel King Butterfly 2 Watercolour, Goua

        Pattern Butterfly       Nigel King CHAS       Watercolour, gouache & felt pen



                    The Squawkets Playing Live Tonight!

                                   Penney Sandel  CHAS 


                          Acrylics, glass paint on canvas         

cat pond.JPG

    Cat by Pond        Penny Fielden  CHAS           Ink and digital

This was my first attempt at using a digital programme on my laptop to first scan in my ink drawing and then colour using the laptop touch pad. I can see I have a lot to learn!


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