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As one of the longest running art societies in Leicestershire, we attribute this to a number of factors:

  • The welcome we extend to all those who have an interest in art in whatever form that takes.

  • The high standard of demonstrations, talks and workshops our members receive throughout the year for a modest membership fee.

  • The co-operation and friendship between members and their openness to new ideas.


Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch via our email with any questions you may have.


For our different membership details please see below.

Crown Hills Art Society is here for you.

Audience and Lecturer


£30 per annum

Membership usually runs from Jan - Dec but there can be a discounted rate if joining midway through the year.

Full Membership gives -

  1. free access to all 12 monthly meetings which are set out in a programme of events for the upcoming year including demonstrations, workshops, art appraisals and talks

  2. ability to submit up to 6 artworks for sale in our annual exhibition held at Crown Hills Community College

  3. access to painting days/evenings and visits arranged by the society

  4. PLUS all of the benefits of online membership 

Designer's Desk


£15 per annum

Online membership begins once payment has been received.

Online members gain the following - 

  1. the ability to enter more artwork into the society’s online exhibitions - non-members are only allowed to enter a single piece

  2.  the opportunity to have your own online mini exhibition once a year hosted on the society’s website (up to 8 artworks)

  3. ·peer review and feedback on up to 4 of your artworks during the year

  4. access to our developing members’ area – Zoom member meet ups/live art demos/videos/monthly newsletter

·      input into how our online presence develops


If you are interested please email us and our treasurer John Holt will contact you to set up your payment.


Crown Hills Art Society was established in 1978, when Frank Cramphorn, a well-known local artist and former Leicester Tigers player, was teaching adult art classes at Crown Hill Community College. Together with the then vice-principal of the college Eric Dudley Smith they brought together the various adult art classes he taught to form the society. A society open to all regardless of ability and one that was for pleasure and not competitive.

The society soon established a programme of events based around a formal monthly meeting held at the college and then in 1979 the society held its first annual exhibition of members work also at the college, a tradition that has been maintained ever since. Membership of the society was in demand and it soon became necessary to limit the membership to one hundred, a limit driven by accommodation at the college. 
Past members have included well-known local artists such as:- Arthur Scaife, Alan More, Shirley Copeland, David Easton, James Kibart, Norman Simms and Sylvia Green, as well as the pioneering cardiac specialist the late Dr Monty Goldberg. For 25 years Sylvia Green in her role as Secretary, was pivotal in ensuring that the annual programme of events was well planned and ran smoothly, she was ably assisted in this by Julie Rowe and Leonard Langrick. Quite a demanding and time consuming task communicating by letter post etc., before the advent of emails etc.


Overtime, the links to adult art classes diminished and our society membership broadened to include anyone interested in art. The only requirement for membership was and remains an interest in art. Whilst some members have studied and taught art, others are amateurs in the best sense of the word with a great commitment to the making and the appreciation of art, whether representational or abstract in a variety of mediums. The society continues to maintain strong links with the newly built Crown Hills Community College, offers encouragement to the pupils with their art work and uses the college for its monthly evening meetings and Annual Exhibition held over a weekend each October.


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One of the strengths of our society has been the varied programme of events which it has always been able to offer to the membership since its beginning. It typically involves presentations, instruction classes, workshops, studio days, appraisals and trips. Inviting the best of local and national artists to the society’s monthly meetings to demonstrate their techniques and provide valuable instruction and insight for the membership.  The monthly meetings, also bring together members to socialise and exchange ideas.
In recent years, the society has set its members additional challenges, such as:- Sketchbook Exchanges, Postcard themes, and collaborative artwork (as seen here). The scale of such challenges enables everyone, who wants to, to get involved.
We are now increasing our social media and online presence with our regularly updated Facebook page and website. We held our first online "open" exhibition in May 2020, during the pandemic, and have since held at least one per year which are very well received by contributors and viewers alike!
We'd love you to be part of our story too so please see details of our membership schemes above.

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