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Being Human.jpg
Being Human.jpg
Being Human.jpg

Being Human  (1994)  Director Bill Forsyth

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Mary Powell (7).jpg

        Hannah        Mary Powell CHAS       Pencil and wash


Negussie- meditation Peter Hill.JPG

  Negussi - meditation              Peter Hill  CHAS       oil on canvas

                         portrait of a model done at an art class in Wales


Paul Lane Phil Lynnot

Phil Lynott 


Paul Lane 


Oil on board

a portrait of Phil Lynott

lead singer of the rock band Thin Lizzy

Susanne Rogers (2).jpg

        Dance Shoes        Susanne Rogers  CHAS       Watercolour

                                       My old dance shoes rediscovered for Lockdown 


        Waiting          Monica Garnham  CHAS       Watercolour


Monica Garnham (1).JPG
Peter Sumpter Group Crowns Collage.jpg

Crowns         The late Peter Sumpter art group        Mixed Media


The heart of the group is formed by Crown Hills Art society members Heather Pelmore, Glen Heath, Brenda Scott, Monica Garnham, Fran Busby, Mary Powell and all put together by Nigel King.

Other contributors are: Marion Turnock, Jennifer Hawley, SueRogers, Sue Sansome and Wendy Quibell

IMG_20201127_220721_063 (1).jpg



Penney Sandel   CHAS


Acrylics & Ultra Varnish

Philip Parkinson Pandemic Pullover NHS
Sarah King Fringing

Pandemic Pullover        

Philip Parkinson 

I learnt a new skill over Lockdown including how to blanket stitch 

(with fringing of Hope) - Sarah King




Peter Kilty Music in the Ear

Music in the Ear 


Peter Kilty  CHAS       



Peter Kilty The Sound of Faith and Doubt

 The Sound of Faith and Doubt      


 Peter Kilty  CHAS   





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