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The Peter Sumpter Group
               A Mini Exhibition

A number of Crown Hill's members have regularly attended the weekly art group that Peter Sumpter set up some years ago when the old Crown Hill's school building closed. Since Peter's passing in early 2020 and throughout “Lockdown” his art group has been led by one of the group, Nigel King, who has been instrumental in setting them a weekly painting challenge and incorporating their individual works into a series of collages which he then distributes back to everyone in the group.

The creation of the collages has developed over the past two years. Originally the picture files attached to the emails were printed, cut out and pasted onto a painted background. However, more recently the collages have been produced digitally using a “Photoshop” computer application which allows individual control of each work  with regard to size, position, brightness etc each image being on its own  separate layer.

The Group Members who have contributed to these works are

Brenda Scott, Fran Gordon, Glen Heath, Heather Pelmore, Monica Garnham, Marie Sumpter, Sue Rogers, Sue Sansome, Wendy Quibell, Mary Powell, Marion Turnock, Jennifer Hawley and Nigel King.

The group would like to say a big thank you to Nigel for all of his hard work week in, week out, producing the group collages, keeping them going and inspiring them to produce artwork throughout the pandemic.


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