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Solo Exhibition
Scilla Gallop

At Crown Hills Art Society, our website gives all members the opportunity to have their own mini online exhibition in which they can showcase their work.

For some it may be the chance to present new pieces to gain feedback, for others the ability to allow a retrospective of their art or as in the case of Scilla Gallop (an artist whose work has appeared in many Leicestershire exhibitions over the years) a focus on a particular medium they have used.


All our artists welcome constructive feedback and many have work for sale or will take commissions - please feel free to email us at

and your comments will be passed on to the relevant artist.

This is a selection of collages that I have made over the past few years. Although I do enjoy making them, I only do it when required to do so for a class. Once I get started I find the process very absorbing and I am often quite pleased with the results. All of these collages were done for Diane Hall’s ‘Problem and Criticism’ class at Attenborough Arts. Sometimes I add collage to a painting to create a contrast or because it is the easiest way to achieve the effect I want.

1 and 2- The theme for the term was Passing Glimpses and only the leaves are collaged.


1 By the Lake





2 Just A Glimpse




 3 and 4 - I used magazine pictures as well as paper I had painted. The theme for 3 was Towards Abstraction and I think 4 was The Space Beyond.

3 Tulips


4 Patchwork Fields





 5 - The theme was Branching Forms and for 6 Lines in the Landscape.


5 Rocks at Beacon Hill                                    

                                                     6 Storm Coming

7 and 8 - The theme for these was to do with thoughts about Europe.

I drew  a continuous line sketch with my eyes shut and developed the collages from it.


Thinking of Etna 1                         

                                             Thinking of Etna 2

Scilla 6_edited.jpg

9 and 10 - These two small pictures only have the fence and post collaged on. They were also part of the Lines in the Landscape theme.


Fence 1                                                         Fence 2 

11 - The theme was Regarding Forests. These four small collages are not mounted yet but they will be mounted in a square.


 The Forest Floor

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