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Three Landscapes Film Poster.jpg
Three Landscapes Film Poster.jpg
Three Landscapes Film Poster.jpg

Three Landscapes   (2011)   Director Peter Hutton 

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Golden Meadow  Irene Peutrill.JPG
Golden Meadow        Irene Peutrill   CHAS             Acrylics
                       This picture now hangs at the University of Leicester
Susanne Rogers (1).jpg
The Coastline at Anglesey    Susanne Rogers   CHAS   watercolour and charcoal                      
Jane Miller Shadows in Snow.jpg
         Shadows in Snow          Jane Miller       Pastel
This picture shows the fields near my house in Loughborough in the recent snow
Mountain Scene       Angela Lane               Acrylics on canvas
Painted recently in 2021 with a Bob Rossesque quality.
Scilla Gallop (1).jpg
A Lane in Summer        Scilla Gallop   CHAS             Acrylics
Froggat Edge Derbyshire John Holt.jpg
Froggat Edge Derbyshire        John Holt   CHAS            Pen & Ink
Field of dreams Irene Peutrill.jpg
    Field of Dreams
       Irene Peutrill   CHAS             
  Scattering of Poppies
       Irene Peutrill               
                        Now on display at
                        Glenfield Hospital Breast Care
Scattering of poppies Irene Peutrill.jpg
                        Helen Gleave   CHAS
These pictures are part of a project on the subject of journeys            
Helen Gleave (2).jpg
Bridleway to Lubbesthorpe      Charcoal
Helen Gleave (1).jpg
Towards Enderby               Acrylics
Helen Gleave (3).jpg
Leaving Thurlaston              Acrylics
Canal Garden View across the Canal, Mixe
Canal Garden View Across the Canal     
Glen Heath   CHAS
Mixed Media
Canal Garden View from the Veranda, Mixe
Canal Garden View from the Veranda    
Glen Heath   CHAS          
Mixed Media
Alison Conway Window Project.png
View from my Window
Alison Conway  CHAS
This was done late January 2021 the Monday after heavy snow on Sunday in bright sunshine. 
The window project idea is to produce an image of your garden from the same viewpoint every month or whenever there is an interesting change to record.
      Family      Ruth Medhurst   CHAS    Acrylics
A new painting from a photo of my family walking along a beach in North Wales, several years ago. Criccieth a favourite place to stay.
Ruth Medhurst (1).jpg
Nigel King  Sea Cliffs Watercolour, Goua

        Pattern Sea Cliffs        Nigel King CHAS       Watercolour, gouache & felt pen


Mick Joyce Roman Bridge Portugal.jpg

  Roman Bridge, Portugal     Mick Joyce   Acrylics


Winter From My Desk 1, 2 & 3             Vivien Blackburn CHAS            Mixed Media in a grey A5 sketchbook


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