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On Golden Pond.jpg

On Golden Pond  (1981)   Director Mark Rydell

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Vanessa Parkinson (2).jpeg

After Kiefer 1       Vanessa Parkinson  CHAS   

       Acrylic and plant material on board

Vanessa Parkinson Catkins.jpeg

Catkins      Vanessa Parkinson  CHAS   Acrylics

Canal Bank, Mixed Media, 49cmx31.5cm (1)

Canal Bank     Glen Heath  CHAS   Mixed Media

Lis Stock (1).jpeg

Beyond                 Lis Stock  CHAS             Mixed Media

I’ve been working on pictures over the winter that reflect my feelings about our current situation - this one shows how we look to the future.

Vanessa Parkinson (1).jpeg

Scummy Pond  Vanessa Parkinson  CHAS   Acrylics

Peter Kilty Lake with Storm

Lake with Storm Coming  Peter Kilty  CHAS   Watercolour

Ghazal Niknejad  The Memory of

Memory of Nature    Ghazal Niknejad         Acrylics

I did this painting to remember days when we went to the forest with my family and friends for camping.

I mainly work in pencil -

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