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Solo Exhibition

A retrospective by

John Holt

Part of the development of the our website is that there is now an opportunity for all members to have an online exhibition. Recognising that members may not necessarily have sufficient new work for a solo exhibition, it is now possible for members to have a retrospective exhibition to show work produced in the past. Giving other members the opportunity to see work that they otherwise would not have seen. I was asked to set the ball rolling and produce a Retrospective Exhibition of my work.

I have always enjoyed art but never found enough time to paint until 2004, which was about 10 years before retirement. I decided to take painting more seriously and joined a local night school class. Fortunately for me the night school class teacher was Peter Clayton, what a stroke of luck and I am still attending his classes.

In 2006, I joined Crown Hills Art Society and in 2015 was invited to be a member of the Leicester Society of Artists.

My work is varied, and I enjoy the challenge of trying many different styles, representational or abstracts and the challenge of all mediums, watercolour, pastels, or oils paints etc.

So how to select twelve pieces of work? Firstly, I decided to exhibit only my earlier work, pre-2014, my first 10 years of trying to paint, paintings which perhaps members may not have seen or remember. I also selected differing styles, media, and methods to give a good cross section of my work.

The first four paintings are Water Colours: -

  1. Whitby Boats – size 40cm x 50cm, circa 2009.

  2. Wreck at Thornham – size 40cm x 50cm, circa 2011.

  3. Donnington – size 30cm x 40cm, circa 2008.

  4. The Boys - size 40cm x 50cm, circa 2010.


1 Whitby Boats.jpeg
2 Wreck at Thornham.jpeg
3 Donnington.jpeg
4 The Boyz.jpeg

Paintings 5 and 6 are Acrylic Cityscapes: -

      Leicester Clock Tower – size 61cm x 51cm, circa 2008.

      Leicester Market - size 61cm x 51cm, circa 2008.


5 Leicester Market.jpeg
6 Leicester Clock Tower.jpeg

Painting 7 illustrates my work with Pastels: -

       Mount Fugi – size 60cm x 40cm, circa 2012.

7 FUJI.jpg

Paintings 8 and 9 are exercises in creating design using Ink and Water Colour: -

    Drinking Patterns – size 40cm x 40cm, circa 2014.

    Summer Flowers – size 40cm x 30cm, circa 2009.


8 Drinking Patterns.jpg
9 Summer Flowers.jpg

Painting 10 is an Acrylic abstract: -

      Phantoms – size 40cm x 30cm, circa 2010.

10 Phantoms.jpg

And finally, paintings 11 and 12 are in Water Mixable Oils: -

Sea Mill on the West Coast of Scotland – size 40cm x 50cm, circa 2013.

Froggatt Edge in Derbyshire- size 40cm x 50cm, circa 2014.

11 Seamill.JPG
12 Froggatt Edge.jpg

All our artists welcome constructive feedback - please feel free to email us at

and your comments will be passed on to the relevant artist.

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