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Still Life film.jpg

Still Life  (2013)             Director Uberto Pasolini

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Lis Stock (2).jpeg

Near the Edge           Lis Stock  CHAS    Mixed Media

I have  been working on these two pictures over the winter. Both reflect my feelings about our current situation - Near the Edge - how fragile and precarious our lives are and All Wrapped Up -how we seek to protect ourselves and those we love.

All Wrapped Up        Lis Stock  CHAS          Mixed Media

Lis Stock (3).jpeg
Tina James Pomegranates and Pineapple Ac

Pomegranates and Pineapple     

Tina James  CHAS   



Alison Conway Stones Watercolour and Cha

Stones      Alison Conway  CHAS       Watercolour and Charcoal

This is a painting of a dish of stones I picked up on holiday in Cornwall on The Lizard.  The area is of great interest geologically with rare types of rock.  The white areas were created using wax resist.


Red Pepper        Heather Pelmore  CHAS     Watercolour

Peter Sumpter Group Lamps Collage.jpg

Lamps         The late Peter Sumpter art group        Mixed Media


The heart of the group is formed by Crown Hills Art society members Heather Pelmore, Glen Heath, Brenda Scott, Monica Garnham, Fran Busby, Mary Powell and all put together by Nigel King.

Other contributors are: Marion Turnock, Jennifer Hawley, SueRogers, Sue Sansome and Wendy Quibell

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