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The Belly of an Architect     (1987)     Director Peter Greenaway

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Breedon on the Hill Church John Holt.jpg

Breedon on the Hill Church         John Holt  CHAS       Lino cut


Clock Tower 


Nigel King  CHAS   


Watercolour, gouache & felt pen

Nigel King Clock Tower watercolour.JPG
Old Quay House Kirkcudbright

   Old Quay House, Kirkcudbright         Michael Lambell       Acrylic

          unframed prints are available of this painting at £25 contact the artist on 07443640549


Peter Clayton HARBOUR TOWN Mixed Media.j

               Harbour Town         Peter Clayton        Mixed Media

The picture is inspired by the approach to Wells next the Sea in Norfolk along the coastal path from Stiffkey. 

It's been created using a mixture of acrylic paint applied freely, but also using stencils and masks and monoprinting, along with elements of pre-painted and photo-collage.


Tunnel entrance Peter Hill.jpg

        Tunnel Entrance        Peter Hill CHAS       ink and watercolour

                                  This is a view near Great Oxenden

Lisa Edwards (3).jpeg

        Inspired by St. Mary's         Lisa Edwards  CHAS       Acrylic 

The church is St Mary’s in Hinckley...I often wander through walking our dog and think about all the people that have now been forgotten who are buried there...there are also carvings of peoples names and dates on the walls of the church that go back a few hundred years. It’s my thinking place. I have taken many photographs of the church and used one as my reference for the painting. I used an app to manipulate the photo into an abstract design and then painted what I saw. 

French Farmhouse Rita Cowham Acrylics

        French Farmhouse        Rita Cowham       Watercolour


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