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Name of the Rose Film.jpg

The Name of the Rose  (1986)  Director Jean-Jacques Annaud

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Heather Pelmore Orchids.jpg

White Orchid   Heather Pelmore  CHAS   Watercolour

Mary Powell Veranda

My Balcony      Mary Powell  CHAS      Watercolour

Alison Conway Cerinthe  Watercolour.png

Cerinthe       Alison Conway  CHAS       Watercolour

This one is a watercolour, painted last summer, of one of my favourite garden plants that I grew from seed.  I love the blue-grey older leaves, the yellow stems and new growth and the deep, pinky-purple blooms.

Tina James Seeing Red

Seeing Red    Tina James  CHAS   Acrylic & Pen

Keep Hanging In There Sarah King

Keep Hanging In There   Sarah King     Textiles

This is the first embroidery picture I’ve done. 

Made with love for a friend’s birthday. 

IMG_20201127_221839_775 (1).jpg

A Profusion of Nature     Penney Sandel  CHAS      Watercolour and Inks

Lisa Edwards (1).jpeg

Spring Balloon      Lisa Edwards  CHAS      Mixed Media

I painted this after dabbling in paint pouring and new techniques, being drawn to springlike colours. It is painted in acrylic and house paint mixed with a pouring medium and a few drops of silicone oil. The flowers are made from a balloon pressed onto the canvas. 

Penny Wright Best Tile Print

        Tiles            Penny Wright             natural plant print


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