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Our 2024
Monthly Meeting Programme

Please note this may be subject to change if a presenter cannot attend

January 2024

In-House Art Appraisal and Critique

AT the College - Our in-house art appraisal and critique will be led by John Holt. All members can submit up to two pieces. Perfect for getting some feedback and ideas in time for our upcoming online spring exhibition.

February 2024

Printing Workshop

“Come and Print” , monoprinting, Gelli plate etc for you to try.

Please remember to bring an apron or suitable clothing

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Screenshot 2024-01-07 07.29.06.png

March 2024

Demonstration by Chloe Jean Brown

This meeting will take place at the college.

 Specialising in Oil Paint, Graphite and Charcoal, Chloe's work typically revolves around the natural world by creating imagery representing our planet in a vibrant, structural manner.

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April 2024

Danielle Vaughan - Collage Artist

This meeting will be at the college.

Danielle will be returning to talk about her experience appearing on Portrait Artist of the Year

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Screenshot 2024-01-07 07.47.39.png
Screenshot 2024-01-07 07.47.39.png

May 2024

A Printmaker - Talk

 by Sue Clegg

This meeting will take place at the college.

Inspired by her travels primarily within the UK, Sue records places using a range of media which in turn become prints in both traditional and digital formats.

June 2024

Sue Graham Workshop

This meeting will be at the college.

Subject to be announced later in the year

Painting Equipments
Screenshot 2022-12-11 07.00.14.png
Screenshot 2022-12-11 07.00.14.png

July 2024

Cold Wax Workshop

A chance to explore working with cold wax in a number of ways.

August 2024

Sketching at The Botanic Gardens

This meeting will take place in the gardens.

We have booked one of the classrooms for the afternoon on August 8th

These amazing botanical gardens have so much to offer to any artist

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September 2024

Appraisal by Diane Hall

This meeting will take place at the college.

The talented Dianne Hall will be our guest to give a critique and useful tips on members' work. Just in time for our October exhibition.

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October 2024

Deborah Bird Demonstration

This meeting will be at the college.

Deborah is a well known watercolour artist from Leicestershire who is particularly interested in the unusual and accidental qualities of watercolour and abstract composition

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Painting Equipments

November 2024

President's Evening

This meeting will be at the college.

An interesting talk or workshop delivered by our president

December 2024


This meeting may take place on Zoom or at

Crown Hills Community College

If at the college, nibbles and drinks will be provided by the committee

Dirty Paintbrushes
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