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Mick Joyce I'm Listening

        I'm Listening      Mick Joyce       Watercolour

The Ties that Bind #002.JPG

  The Ties That Bind      John Lyons         Oil and shimmer paste on board         

Pink Geranium
Alan Willey 

 59mm x 84mm.

£85 unframed.


Pink Geranium.jpg
Ladies Who PaddlePenney Sandel.png

        Ladies Who Paddle

y Sandel

        Acrylic & Gel


Returning from 5 years on a tiny African island, I realised that I might not succeed in everything but I could try anything, from which realisation my journey with the arts began.

Eclectic in style, I flit from classic, through pop art to whimsical depending on mood, moment and subject.

Generally working on mid size pieces, my studio being an arm chair in the lounge; my knee the easel. However, the series 'Ladies Who' tend to be on smaller canvas, being a blink into feminine quirks.

Ladies who paddle... a fuzzy memory of a newspaper shot, post lockdown, on a British beach.... convinced she wore lingerie beneath her costume, I took artistic licence to embellish. 

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