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           Welcome to our
  5th online OPEN exhibition

Crown Hills Art Society has been hosting online exhibitions (both of its members' work as well as open exhibitions) since May 2020 when we came online due to the start of the pandemic.

We are now back, holding our monthly meetings in person at Crown Hills Community College, and held our first "in-person" members' exhibition (since the pandemic last October 2022) in the College's main hall with over 80 pieces of artwork on display.

Our 5th open on-line exhibition celebrates the place creating art has in our lives. Coinciding with an opening date on Valentine's Day, we came up with the title "Art is Where the Heart is" and invited artists to send us their artwork and if so inspired to use the title to create something for our dedicated "Heart Room"!

There are so many talented, creative people out there who wish to share their ideas and works but unfortunately these days exhibition space is becoming even more limited as well as more expensive. Our art society is always happy to hear from those who may have somewhere for art to be shown. Please contact us on our email below.

We hope you enjoy the selection of artwork presented here (from our members and other guests). Those that are happy to sell work or take commissions have their contact details displayed below their work.

We welcome constructive feedback about our exhibitions and individual artworks. Please feel free to tell us what you think through our email address - found at the bottom of this page.

The art is loosely collected into rooms you can visit by clicking on the hearts below.

To return here simply press the heart at the end of each themed page.
Please note - The exhibition is best viewed on a laptop/computer or tablet screen - there may be some discrepancies if viewed via a mobile phone
Heart Graffiti
Heart Graffiti
Heart Graffiti
Heart Graffiti
Heart Graffiti
Heart Graffiti
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