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Imagined Snow Scene Alison Conway

       Imagined Snow Scene         Alison Conway  CHAS         
                  Watercolour 20 x 20 cm


Mary Woods Winter in the arboretum_edited.jpg

                   Winter in the Arboretum        Mary Wood   CHAS                                                                       Watercolour
            Trees are one of my great loves. They are wonderful at any time of year.
                    Winter reveals the shapes created by criss-cross branches.


Bradgate Trees Scilla Gallop

        Bradgate Trees          Scilla Gallop  CHAS       

            Pastel   46 x 40 cm    Framed £70

To purchase please contact via


Peter Kilty Winter Trees

Winter Trees       Peter Kilty  CHAS     Watercolour

Autumn Scilla Gallop

        Autumn in the Woods       Scilla Gallop  CHAS       Mixed Media

I think this is my first attempt at using soft pastel over acrylic and ink.

Evie Parkes Aura

        Aura        Evie Parkes       Acrylic

I created this in lockdown, inspired by the beauty of an African sunset. This was my first time using acrylics. It is very meaningful to me as I was using an easel that belonged to my Nan before she passed away.

Light Through Trees Ruth Medhurst

Light Through Trees   Ruth Medhurst  CHAS    Acrylics A3

Dream Tree Penny Fielden.png

Dream Tree    Penny Fielden CHAS      Acrylics  A4

Heart Graffiti
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