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Clavia Hilary Willars_edited.jpg

Clavia      HIlary Willars  CHAS      Watercolour

A Variety of TulipsHilary Willars_edited.png

A Variety of Tulips     Hilary Willars CHAS      Watercolour

Magnolia Hilary Willars_edited.jpg

Magnolia    Hilary Willars CHAS      Watercolour

Danielle Vaughan

The Simple Things    Danielle Vaughan   Collage 40 x 33 cm

Garden     Eleanor Napier  CHAS      Watercolour 16.5" x 12"

Poppy Seed Heads Sandra Holt.jpg

                  Poppy Seed Heads     Sandra Holt     Textile

            24 x 29 cm including frame   Image   12 x 17 cm     Price  £35




Lillies with GrasshopperTina James

Lillies with Grasshopper  Tina James CHAS  Watercolour & Ink

Vase with LeavesRuth Medhurst

Vase with Leaves     Ruth Medhurst CHAS       Acrylic and pastel A2

Sue Hopwood Anenomes Watercolour & Ink.jpg

Anenomes     Sue Hopwood   Watercolour and Ink

I started experimenting with watercolour painting about six years ago.  Essentially, I started 'from scratch' - working on the basic techniques of washes, colour-mixing and colour application e.g. wet-on-wet.  I became particularly interested in combining techniques of watercolour and ink. During the various lockdowns of the covid pandemic, I tried some architectural and still-life pieces having completed some online courses. More recently, I have attended some residential and local courses - finding it so useful to learn from fellow, developing artists as from course tutors.

The work I have submitted - Anenomes -  arose from a course I attended last summer - led by the artist Jackie Devereux.  I wanted the piece to have a 'work in progress' feel - hence leaving some flower heads as un-coloured drawings.  It is by no means a sophisticated piece of work!  Rather, it illustrates my current stage of development.

Peapod 1 Helen Gleave.jpg

Peapod 1    Helen Gleave CHAS      Ceramic

Peapod 2 Helen Gleave.jpg

Peapod 2   Helen Gleave CHAS      Ceramic

Garden 1 Christine Broadbent

Garden 1

Christine Broadbent

Mixed media

40x50cm framed
Cabroadbent@icloud .com


Garden 2

Christine Broadbent

Mixed media

40x50cm framed


Cabroadbent@icloud .com

Garden 3

Christine Broadbent

Mixed media

40x50cm framed


Cabroadbent@icloud .com

Summer 3

John Holt



Summer 3.jpg
Summer 4.jpg

Summer 4   

John Holt



Thistles      Peter Sumpter Art Group     Collage

The Peter Sumpter Art Group is led by Nigel King CHAS who sets a weekly painting subject and then collages the work together into a single piece.

Herbs      Peter Sumpter Art Group     Collage

Spring into Spring

Spring into Spring      David John Wright        Acrylic

Edited image from sold original.  Available in any size as Fine art print
          or self enhanced canvas  i
nstagram davidjwright7738

Pot Plant Ruth Medhurst

Pot Plant    Ruth Medhurst CHAS   
Watercolour and Charcoal   A3

the forest Floor_edited.jpg

The Forest Floor        Scilla Gallop  CHAS     Collage

                      53 x 53 cms - framed £80

     Contact Scilla -

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