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Released Dec 1965  From the Rubber Soul album

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Walk in the Woods Alison Conway

       A Walk in the Woods         Alison Conway  CHAS         
                  Watercolour & Mixed Media



Bluebell Wood     Alison Conway  CHAS    Watercolour


                   Spring in the Arboretum        Mary Wood   CHAS                                                                       Watercolour


             A Stormy Night          Mary Wood  CHAS       Watercolour

Jane Miller Through My Window

        Through My Window
        Jane Miller       
        Mixed Media

Autumn Scilla Gallop

        Autumn        Scilla Gallop  CHAS       Mixed Media

I think this is my first attempt at using soft pastel over acrylic and ink.

Red Tree Scilla Gallop

        Red Tree          Scilla Gallop  CHAS       Pastel

I painted most of this picture sitting looking at the tree in the Botanic Gardens.

Boggle Hole Ruth Medhurst

        Bogle Hole Yorkshire         Ruth Medhurst  CHAS       Acrylic

A reminder of sunny walks along the North Yorkshire coastal path.


        Onward and Upward         Jana Charl       Mixed Media
Created in Berlin as part of a mixed-media series inspired by looking up at the sky through tree branches. I sewed canvas from Úbeda, Spain, to canvas from a Turkish Market in Berlin... and painted and embroidered with art supplies from both countries. http://www.janacharl.com


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