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Magical Mystery Tour (released November 1967) From the E.P of the same name

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yin yang 1 Nigel King.jpg

        Yin-Yang         Nigel King  CHAS       Collage in Acrylic

Knot Everything.jpg

        Knot Everything is Black or White       
       Penny Fielden  
CHAS       Mixed Media

Experimenting with a new textile technique to try to make something sculptural and then thinking about how it would be displayed led to this creation.

The Toys' Picnic Scilla Gallop

       The Toys' Picnic      Scilla Gallop  CHAS       Acrylic

      When my children were young this was a common event!


Linda Poxon The Druid

       The Druid      Linda Poxon  CHAS       Collage

Eleanor Napier Arabic Tile

       Arabian Tile      Eleanor Napier  CHAS      Acrylic Collage

Peter Kilty Self Portrait

        Self Portrait         Peter Kilty  CHAS     Mixed Media


Peter Kilty The Way We Live Now

        The Way We Live Now         Peter Kilty  CHAS     Watercolour


Tessa Thompson Some Random

        Some Random         Tessa Thompson         Textiles


Worked on even count canvas using half cross stitch, in Appleton crewel wools. Although, the stitches are consistent, the coloured yarns were used randomly, which is how I came to title my piece. I wanted to highlight the expression used to describe a stranger or unexpected occurrence in modern society. 


Stitching in continuous, repetitious lines has a soothing value, almost like calming meditation. Beads break up the lines to create a wave pattern. These represent the feeling that life has coming at us in waves. Hopefully, the calmness of the stitches lines will help the viewer to feel calm and not at all random!

namrata low rider .jpg

        Low Rider         Namrata Chauhan        Digital Art


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