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Beatles-Tell Me What You See.jpg

Tell Me What You See (Released Aug 1965)  Taken from the album Help

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John Holt Pumpkins.jpg

Pumpkins      John Holt  CHAS       Oils

Jugs on a Ledge John Lyons

Jugs on a Ledge   

John Lyons     


Heather Pelmore Two Teapots

Two Teapots      Heather Pelmore  CHAS       Watercolour & Ink

Heather Pelmore 150 year old wall clock.JPG

150 Year Old Clock        Heather Pelmore  CHAS     Watercolour

Dorian Preece Keys to Remove 2 Years of Barriers

Keys to Remove 2 Years of Barriers
        Dorian Preece
     Pencil on Lined Paper

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