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Helter Skelter released November 1968  From The Beatles/The White album

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tour de france B Nigel King.jpg

Tour de France         Nigel King  CHAS       Collage in Acrylic

Nigel King  CHAS   
Collage Acrylic

Wimbledon 1 Nigel King.jpg
Bright & Windy 1 Ruth Medhurst

Bright and Windy 1 
Ruth Medhurst  CHAS   Acrylic & Pastel

Bright & Windy 2 Ruth Medhurst

Bright and Windy 2 
Ruth Medhurst  CHAS   Watercolour & Pastel

Both of these pieces are based on natural forms in woodland, I enjoy using mixed media and freeing up to work in an abstract way attempting to convey an atmosphere.

Penny Fielden Flight of the Indian Elephant_edited.jpg

Flight of the Indian Elephant  
Penny Fielden  CHAS   

I bought all of the textiles in this piece at different
times and loved the textures and colours of them. Some of them are made from recycled saris.
I wanted to convey a feeling of movement as in a
Jackson Pollack work.


              Ukraine Flag Artist Book       Mike Clements       Mixed Media


The Ukraine flag is repeated 7/8 times via a moving book structure called the waterfall.  The repetition is for anyone who didn’t get the message first time.  The waterfall is an addictive structure.  It’s difficult to stop playing with it.

Copies available to buy (£16.50 for Crown Hill Arts members and supporters) via my website

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