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Octopus Garden.PNG

Octopus's Garden released September 1969    From the Abbey Road album

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Pot of Primroses   Mary Wood  CHAS   Watercolour

Vanessa P Flowers of Love

Flowers of Love      Vanessa Parkinson  CHAS      Cyanotype

Vanessa P Landscape_edited.jpg

Landscape      Vanessa Parkinson  CHAS      Cyanotype

Jack McConnochie Summer Bouquet

Summer Bouquet    Jack McConnochie  CHAS   Pastel

Mumtaz Seedat Flowr

Splash of Pink     Mumtaz Seedat CHAS     Ink and Watercolour Wash


Penny Fielden P is for Peony.jpg

P is for Peony        Penny Fielden  CHAS     Acrylic

After our Chinese brush painting demonstration, I had a go trying to capture the "essence" of the bunch of peonies on our kitchen table with acrylic paint.


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