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Here, There and Everywhere (released August 1966) Taken from their Revolver Album

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Northumbria Simonside Hills no.1  (1) Glen Heath.jpg
Simonside Hills No. 1 Northumbria       Glen Heath   CHAS 
                                      Oil Pastel

Northumbria Simonside Hills no. 2 (1) Glen Heath.jpg
Simonside Hills No. 2 Northumbria       Glen Heath   CHAS                                                                 Oil Pastel                       
Northumbria view (1) Glen Heath.jpg
View Across Bay - Northumbria      Glen Heath   CHAS     Mixed Media                            
Mick Joyce St Ives 2.JPG
St. Ives       Mick Joyce               Oils
Mick can be contacted through his email -
Buildings at The Newarke, LeicesterEleanor Napier
Buildings at The Newarke, Leicester       Eleanor Napier   CHAS             Acrylics
Cley Flint House and Blossoms Lesley Brooks
Cley Flint House and Blossoms        Lesley Brooks            Oil on Board
Please contact me for painting demonstrations and critique evenings





Great Oxendon Peter Hill.jpg
Great Oxendon      Peter Hill      Oil on Canvas         
This is a fairly recent work of a rather large scale (about 1m square). It was done this year to be hung in the church at Great Oxendon. The art group I attend was asked to produce some works for the church, it shows a view of the entrance to village street.
Jack McConnachie Barra Coastline
  Barra Coastline    Jack McConnochie CHAS     Oil
Jack McConnochie Hebridena Beach
  Hebridean Beach    Jack McConnochie CHAS     Pastel
John Holt Arnesby.jpg
Arnesby       John Holt   CHAS          Oils
John Holt Thornham.jpg
Thornham       John Holt   CHAS          Oils
Vivien Blackburn The Crowns Botallack

The Crowns, Botallack           Vivien Blackburn CHAS            Charcoal


I decided for this exhibition to show recent charcoal drawings. I love the painterliness of charcoal, the ability to use subtle tonal values alongside dramatic marks. 


The Crowns mine drawing was done perched on the cliff top, getting very cold in the wind up there, looking down the very steep cliff into the old engine houses. It was done on A2 paper with some cropped off at the top. Charcoal, conte pencil  and white pastel. 


Vivien Blackburn Winter Lane

Winter Lane           Vivien Blackburn CHAS            Charcoal


Painting of the Firth of Forth bridge in Scotland by Heather April 2022.JPG

The Lane is bigger - A1. It is done from a much smaller plein air sketch done years ago. Sketchbooks are so useful, with sketches I can work from many years later like this. Again charcoal and conte pencil. 



The Firth of Forth Bridge           Heather Pelmore CHAS            Watercolour


Vanessa Parkinson Pathway



Vanessa Parkinson CHAS 




Robert Blackman The Malvern from the North

The Malvern from the North         Robert Blackman            Watercolour


Mumtaz Seedat Lighthouse

Winterton on Sea 


       Mumtaz Seedat CHAS   


  Pen & Watercolour Wash


                Clifton Suspension Bridge         

Mumtaz Seedat CHAS            Pen & Watercolour Wash


Peter Kilty Bell and Water,Botanical Gardens

    Bell at Botanic Garden       Peter Kilty CHAS            Watercolour


Irene Peutrill Patchwork of Fields 1.JPG

Patchwork of Fields I


       Irene Peutrill CHAS   




Patchwork of Fields II


       Irene Peutrill CHAS   




Irene Peutrill Patchwork of Fields 2 (1).JPG
Irene Peutrill Into the Blue.JPG

Into the Blue 


       Irene Peutrill CHAS   




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