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Jack's Solo Exhibition draws great reviews

The first solo exhibition by one of our members went live last month and has been gathering some great reviews ever since. A number of members and invited guests attended the preview evening, held on Burns' Night, and gave their immediate responses to the pictures included in the show. The variety of subjects and styles were commented upon and Jack's amazing development in only two years since picking up a paintbrush!

There has also been the opportunity for visitors to leave a review via email and there have been quite a few received over the past couple of weeks all complementing Jack on a great first show and the responses felt by the audience to his works. Some of the comments received are posted below:

"Really enjoyed this display of Jack's paintings. All of them are beautiful!" MH

"Viewing the paintings made me want to see more. Love his style, use of colours and varied subjects." KM

"... tonal range and subtlety of colours was lovely, and particularly enjoyed your sky’s and water reflections." AC

"What an exhibition - you come away feeling your spirit uplifted!" PF

"The pictures are upbeat and cheerful" SC

"What beautiful and amazing paintings on your online exhibition, Jack." J&M

With over 150 visitors already logged as viewing Jack's exhibition this clearly shows the ability for online shows to reach a wider audience than would a small, static gallery.

The question now remains - who will be the next Crown Hills Art Society member to take centre stage next month?

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