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Our 3rd OPEN online exhibition goes live!

The exhibition has over 70 artworks from over 30 different artists arranged into nine different galleries and goes "live at five" today.

As the poster depicted a cinema camera and screen, we have put a cinematic theme around the exhibition with a cinema lobby and the nine"screening rooms" accessed via clapperboards with the names of different films. Will people be able to guess what type of artworks they are likely to see?

Posters of the films head up each gallery with the date and director of the film. The artworks are displayed below and can be viewed by scrolling downwards. The titles and mediums are displayed along with the name of the artist. Some artists have also included a description about the creation of their art piece. At the end of the page another clapperboard takes you back to the cinema lobby to choose your next film title.

We hope everyone yet again enjoys being able to view something different from the comfort of their own home. A Zoom get-together for those taking part in the exhibition and other CHAS members will take place half an hour after the exhibition goes live.

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