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Our Members' Exhibition

This year's Members' exhibition is a big first for us. It's the first time we have held it online. It's the first time artworks have not had to be formally framed - which has meant there has been a much larger range of artworks than in previous years and a freshness and freedom about this exhibition!

It's the first time we have allowed members to exhibit works done in previous years, if they wished, due to the fact we know this year has been very difficult for some of us. This has allowed a look back as well as a look forward in our exhibition. It's the first time we have used this particular format of online exhibition - using buttons to take visitors to different galleries and the feedback is that this has sped up the process of viewing - which with over 175 works is great news! It is also the first time that we have been able to allow visitors to "like" individual pieces in the exhibition.

In our first week, we have had just under 500 visits with over 300 of these being from different individuals and some of these have been from outside of the U.K. - so our little society is going global!

The exhibition will run until the 1st Jan 2021 so there is still plenty of time to invite others to view and don't forget there are many wonderful artworks for sale too!

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